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It is not a fault to set the ball back over the net on the first contact. Two exceptions to this: If you are playing beach volleyball as opposed to indoor volleyball, you cannot set the first contact at all - it doesn't matter if it goes over the net or not. You may not play the serve directly back over the net if the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net and in the front zone ( Rule 13.2.4 ).

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A player is allowed to set over the net as long as the ball is perpendicular to their shoulder, whether it be in front of them or behind them. I think the rule is set there to give the receive team some reaction time. If the ball is set over the net without it being perpendicular to the player's shoulders, it is called an attack-hit fault.

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With a few exceptions, Beach Volleyball allows all players to operate both at the net (in attack) and in the back of the court (to defend or serve). The game’s early exponents on the sands of California would still recognize it because Beach Volleyball has retained certain distinctive and essential elements over the years. Some of these it

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O13.4.5 Commentary: A legal set directed toward a teammate that crosses the net because of the elements is not a fault, regardless of the player's body position. No open hand tips/dinks. In doubles, triples, and 4's, this is a no-no outdoors. Alternatives include palms, heel of the hand, locked straight fingers, knurled fingers, or the back of the hand.

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A blocker may place hands or arms over the net provide this action doesn't interfere with play. These contacts may occur with any part of the body. Rules of Beach Volleyball for Doubles and Triples: A blocking contact is counted as a team hit. The blocking team has two more contacts to return the ball after a blocking contact.

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After a team has made 3 hits, you can reach over the net and block the ball even if the ball isn't in the vertical plane or going to come across the net. After the ball is attacked. After a teams 1st or 2nd team hit, if, in the referee's judgment, the ball is being attacked, the blocker can reach over and block the ball.

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Clarification of the rules regarding hand setting in beach volleyball. More Rule VideosFirst Defensive Touch (Pt 1): https://youtu.be/OXQ-GVHGOBsFirst Defens...