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OPPOSITE HITTER. This position – also known as the right-side hitter – plays near the right antenna. Opposite hitters tend to be players who have the most versatility and can excel on both offense and defense. The opposite hitter also needs to possess solid jumping skills. Opposite hitters must be able to hit the ball from the front and back rows.

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The opposite plays at the net on the right side of the court. The opposite is responsible for blocking the opponent's outside hitter and also helps out with blocking their middle if appropriate. If the middle is a significant threat, the opposite may cheat in to the court a little to help out blocking.

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Opposite Hitter The opposite hitter is the player who most often scores the most points in the team. Opposite hitters don’t have the passing responsibilities. They stand behind the passers on the rotation while libero and outside hitters pass the ball and place themselves to the left front, right front or right back playing position.

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Often players will switch between playing outside or right-side hitter as needed by the team. Sometimes the player will play both positions (outside and right-side hitter) within the same game, as they may stay and hit on the side they are nearest to in the rotational order.

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Not only do right-side hitters have the privilege of scoring and blocking the ball, but they also act as the second or backup setter when the traditional setter is unable to get to the ball. This means that opposite hitters are pretty much involved in every point, so life certainly never gets boring on the volleyball court! Highest Paid

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The opposite hitter gets its name from the positioning ‘opposite’ the setter in the rotation. This positioning makes the opposite theoretically the second most important of the volleyball positions after the setter. An opposite will often fill in for the setter if the setter is out of position or cannot set due to being the passer.

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Right-Wing Spikers, also known as Right-side Hitters or Opposite Hitters, carry the defensive workload for a volleyball team in the front row. Their primary responsibilities are to put up a well-formed block against the opponents’ outside hitters and serve as a backup setter.

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You may also hear this position called the “opposite hitter” because it’s common for this hitter to line up in the opposite of the rotation of the setter. Both left and right hitters may also be referred to as “wing hitters,” “wing spikers,” or “pin hitters” (the pin is the small pole that sticks up above the net along the sideline).

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